Crown V tank

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The Uwell Crown V tank is a stud! Built out of stainless steel, it can handle drops and falls without life threatening damages! A capacity of 5ml and a Fecral UN2 mesh coil, which has an excellent flavor. Crown 5 uses a quarter turn top cover to supplement the e-juice. The filling hole is equipped with a silicone check valve to avoid leakage. Uwell has patented self-cleaning technology and Uwell's exclusive Pro-FOCS flavor testing technology.

Running the beautiful Uwell Crown 5 coils, all ran off of mesh giving you intense flavor and beautiful thick clouds. At the base of the tank there is a dual slotted air flow, allowing for the user to have a lot of control over how hard or light the draw will be. The Crown 5 tank can be filled by opening the quarter turn top fill system at the top of the tank, uncovering the silicone check valved fill port.