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Don Cristo Salt

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Don Cristo Salt Nicotine


Don Cristo/Original: Introducing Don Cristo’s award-winning namesake, an expertly-crafted smooth tobacco blend that puts all past attempts to shame. Thanks to a genius steeping process, Don’s Original takes on their resistibly bold, robust essence of authentic Monte Cristo cigars. 

DCC: Don Cristo’s most gourmand offering. Aged to perfection, authentic Monte Cristo cigars fuse their bold, full-bodied flavour with deliciously decadent homemade custard for just a touch of creamy sweetness. This sigh-inducing mix of Don Cristo’s striking signature base and smooth vanilla truly luxurious

Coffee: Wakey, wakey! Don Cristo certainly didn’t hesitate with this striking amalgam, combining notes of freshly brewed expensive coffee– only the deepest, darkest roast, of course – with full-bodied aged Monte Cristo cigars. A powerhouse duo of bold, audacious flavours that compliment each other perfectly