Sour master

Solar Master Salt

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  • Island by Sour Master eJuice brings a sour pineapple, mango, and peach flavoured vape juice to liven your taste buds. Crafted with a sour punch and mouth-watering flavour, Island eJuice by Sour Master delivers satisfaction - puff after puff.

Wave eJuice by Sour Master combines the delicious flavours of orange, guava, and passionfruit to deliver a sour, yet sweet, vape juice. Loved for its fruity and tart flavour, Wave by Sour Master is a must try.

Lagoon by Sour Master eJuice combines a sour cherry and citrus lime flavour with a blueberry and green apple punch! Brining your taste-buds to life, Lagoon by Sour Master brings flavourful fruit with a sour kick to your vape juice.