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iHumo Grinder 2 in 1

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The newest innovation in grinding tools in the market, with its new rechargeable lighter unique feature gives you options when you don’t have anything to light with.


This 4 piece iHumo Herb Grinder is made of high quality Zinc Alloy material, has sharp teeth to give you a perfect grind, a windproof rechargeable lighter incorporated that no one can just pocket and leave you thinking how to light, a strong magnetic lid so you don't drop anything out, a pollen catcher, and a pollen scrapper to remove all the good stuff we don't want you to leave behind.

Don’t worry if you are in an outdoors space, the iHumo built-in lighter is windproof to make your life easy.

High quality Zinc Alloy material which is rust and corrosion resistant, more durable, and stronger than aluminum material grinders and other commercial zinc alloy material used in the market to keep grinding for