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Hookah Hoses

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Shisha Hose "The Best Hose":  This unique hose boasts a freezable, detachable, section that provides a cooler draw from your hookah experience.  Made from washable and rinsable materials, this hose is perfect for any hookah collection.


Starbuzz Egyptian Royal:  This Hookah hose offers the best of both worlds, with a unique deisgn and washable hose, this accessory is appealing to new and experienced Hookah users and is an excellent addition to any collection.


Zanobia Washable Hose:  For those looking for a more simple design, this hose has an aluminum tip and washable plastic hose that is a great fit for any level of Hookah user.


Starbuzz Aluminum:  Durable, sleek, and convenient, this hookah hose design offers washable hose, and great design that is perfect for any hookah set up.