POP HIT Hybrid Pods SP

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The legendary Pop Vapor has now introduced their best selling flavors in Hybrid closed pod systems. These are hybrid pop pods of 20mg strength made with a mixture of freebase and nicotine salts e-liquids for that extra throat hit. The flavors for Pop Pods Hybrid 2% are as follows. 

  • B.B.M -  Perfect blend of Blueberry Banana Muffin.
  • Chilled Luscious Bubblegum - The Chilled Luscious Bubblegum pop pods hybrid has the perfect balance of watermelon and bubblegum with a hint of icy burst.
  • Iced Berry Blast - The iced berry blast pop pods hybrid has the flavor of fresh citrusy berries with a hint of icy burst. 
  • Iced Blackberry - The Iced Blackberry pop pods hybrid has the flavor of fresh blackberries with a hint of icy burst.
  • Mystery Swirl - White airheads.
  • Passionfruit Strawberry - A fruity mix with a hint of strawberry sweetness. 
  • Peachy Apple - Green Apple with hints of peach,
  • Strawberry Gummy - Perfect blend of sweetness.
  • Strawberry Kiwi - Get your dose of citrusy heaven with this flavor.
  • Tropical Blast - Mango Strawberry with hints of pineapple.