Savage Pods (Stlth)

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  1.  BLOOD ORANGE ICE – Juicy blood orange with a cool exhale.
    • GRAPE APPLE ICE – Tasty grape and zesty green apples blended over ice with a frosty finish.
    • LEMON LIME BANANA – Tasty lemon lime blended with tasty ripe bananas.
    • MANGO PEACH PINEAPPLE – Ripe mangoes accented with notes of juicy peach and zesty pineapple.
    • POWER – Tasty and zesty oomph to keep your day going.
    • ROCKET – Red, white and blue iced to perfection.
    • STRAWBERRY KIWI WATERMELON – A delicious blend of ripe strawberries, kiwi and juicy watermelon.
    • STRAWNANA – A classic tasty strawberry and banana blend.


Apple Ringer - Sour Apple Peach Candy


Classic Ice - Cola Ice


Orange Mango Guava Ice


Pineapple Lemon


Slam Dunk - Cinnamon Donut


Tropic Breeze - Coconut Pineapple Ice