Vuse Epod 2+ Device

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  1. The all-new ePod 2+ is here, redesigned to power your ePod experience. Featuring the fastest charge yet, wireless connection and access to the MYVUSE app which unlocks a world of extra features to take your vaping experience one step further.
  2. Pair your device to the myVuse app through bluetooth and get more control over your vaping experience.
  3. Device lock secures your ePod 2+ so no one but you has access.
  4. Adjust your vapour cloud size with cloud control directly in the myVuse app.
  5. Turn on recharge reminder* on the myVuse app so you'll never be without power.
  6. Save your favourite pods to your list, track current and past orders and get recommendations based on your preferences.

Don't lose your VUSE

See where your ePod 2+ was last synced with Find My Vape on the myVuse app.